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Builder Sensor Kit

Defining a New Category of Home Performance Intelligence

Installation-ready integrated home management system for production builders

RIoT’s  Integration Process

Saving You and Your Homeowners Money

Reduce warranty exposure, lower utility bills, and gain discounts on insurance premiums.

Energy Intelligence 1:01

Discover how to optimize usage, save big, and even go green without lifting a finger! Your home does the heavy lifting for you.

Freeze Protection 1:01

Real-time leak monitoring + weather awareness combine to proactively protect your pipes AND conserve precious water.

HVAC Monitoring 1:01

Get details on when air filters must be changed to help optimize heating and cooling systems and keep HVAC systems safe.

Furnace Sensor
Air Quality
RIoT Kiosk
Smart Thermostat
POE Switch
Smart Energy Meter
Landscape Water Shutoff
Smart Water Meter
Main Water Shutoff
Leak Sensor
Moisture Sensor
Smart Pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

Who installs the sensors into each home?

RIoT sensor installation is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing trades. Your current electrician, plumber, and superintendent can install the correct sensors during the appropriate construction phase. No special tools or in-depth knowledge of RIoT is required.

What happens to the system if the home loses wifi?

Even if your Wi-Fi goes down, your RIoT system won’t be disrupted. This is because our system uses Z-Wave technology for local communication. Z-Wave allows the devices to continue operating within your home, and any data will be queued to be sent to the cloud once your Wi-Fi connection is restored. You won’t experience any data loss.

Can RIoT Technology be retrofitted?

RIoT technology is primarily designed for integration during new construction. This upfront integration allows the system to function at its full potential and deliver the maximum benefits to both builders and homeowners.

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